1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #123

January 27, 2016  |  1 Lunch + 2 Snacks
1 Lunch + 2 Snacks 123 |

LUNCH – Chicken & Veggie Wraps with Butternut Squash & Apple Soup
I love lunches like this. Love them. Like they are my absolute favourite. Last night’s dinner, in this case Lemon Chicken Piccata from, reinvented into lunch. But that’s not all. With a little thinking ahead, I julienned some veggies at the same time I was making our salad for dinner. Some of the same veggies that went into our salad, just cut a different way. Carrots, celery and cucumber. That meant that after dinner, when we make lunches for the next day, all that needed to be done was slice the chicken and wrap it up in a whole wheat tortilla with the veggies.

And the soup well this Butternut Squash and Apple Soup was in the freezer waiting for me, in 1 cup/250 ml freezer cups, all ready to reheat and pop into a thermos for school and work lunches, or into a bowl for lunch here at home. I love you freezer soup:)

SNACK – Purple Smoothies and Energy Balls
These purple smoothies are a favourite around here. I love that we pretty much always have the ingredients on hand and that I can load it up with frozen spinach or frozen kale. The kids love how they taste, as well as helping to make them. Their purple smiles are pretty cute too!

When I serve smoothies, I like to have a little something on the side. Sometimes it’s toast (like these dippers or these cinnamon toast croutons), sometimes it’s crackers, this time it was energy balls. They are super easy to make, fun for the kids to help out with and you can switch the ingredients up and try new combos.

To make the energy balls I used 1 cup of pitted Medjool dates, 1 cup of nuts (roasted or raw), 1 cup of dried fruit. Add everything to a food processor and pulse a few times, then pulse a few times a little longer each time, finally process until the ingredients form into a ball. I then use a small cookie scoop (looks like a small ice cream scoop) to measure out 1 tablespoon of the mixture and roll it into a ball. Sometimes I roll the balls in a topping and sometimes I don’t.

For these energy balls I used 1 cup of Medjool dates (they are really easy to pit if you can’t find them pitted already, just use your hands to pop the pit out), I cup of raisins and 1 cup of roasted peanuts. Then I rolled them in 2/3 cup of shredded coconut, that I blitzed in the food processor before making the energy ball mixture. I purposefully tried out this combo as an economical blend, but it’s also fun to play with other nut and dried fruit combos. Some other combos we’ve tried are dates/almonds/half and half mix of dried strawberries and dried apricots, dates/peanuts/dried apples.

SNACK – Cucumbers & Crackers with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Dip
This simple snack is great for an after school snack at home, but it also packs up really well too, which makes it perfect for school (or work) lunches or a snack on the go. Just pack everything in separate containers – sliced cucumbers, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus & crackers – and use the cucumbers to dip and spread the hummus on the crackers. Or dip the crackers. Or make a cracker sandwich. Or…well you get it:)

Happy Wednesday!


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