1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #126

February 9, 2016  |  1 Lunch + 2 Snacks
1 Lunch + 2 Snacks 126 |

Don’t get hung up on whether a meal should be for lunch or breakfast or dinner. Each of these three meals could easily be eaten at different times of the day. The granola makes a great snack anytime, as well as a quick and hearty breakfast, or a crunchy topping on ice cream for dessert. The zucchini noodles could be for lunch or dinner and the soup, well I think any time of day is good for soup.

1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #126 |

Granola Cereal & Milk with Strawberries and Cinnamon Apples // Having homemade granola on hand makes snack time and breakfast so much easier on busy weekdays. 

This homemade granola cereal has served us well, I made up a batch last week and we are still enjoying it. I like to keep a batch on hand, pretty much all the time, because it can be served so many ways, making snacks and breakfasts so easy throughout those busy weekdays. It’s delicious as a cereal, sprinkled on yogurt or apple sauce, for making apple pops or apple sandwiches, on its own (by the handful if you are my husband, or in a container packed for school if you are my daughter) even as a dessert topping on ice cream.

I served it here with milk, some cut up strawberries and slices of cinnamon apples. I served the strawberries on the side, because some of the kids like to eat them separately and some like to add them to the granola. And even though the cinnamon apples are fun & and a little fancy, they are simply sliced apples with cinnamon sprinkled on. All together this snack/breakfast comes together in just a few minutes, keeping those busy mornings on track, without sacrificing nutrition:)

1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #126 |

Spiralized Zucchini with Tomato Sauce and Sausage Bites // A quick, simple lunch of spiralized zucchini, served cold, with leftover tomato sauce and sausage, from dinner the night before.

A funny thing happened when I served this lunch…I got a spiralizer for Christmas and had been excited to try it out with the kiddos, ’cause super fun spaghetti veggies, right? Well, when I served them the zucchini noodles, they would not touch them! They love zucchini, especially with tomato sauce or salsa to dip in (the proof is here).

I was confused! Turns out they didn’t believe it was zucchini. I had to show them, by actually spiralizing a zucchini, in order for them to believe me. But after that, they ended up eating 2 whole spiralized zucchini between the 5 of them. Just goes to show you how important cooking with kids is:)

1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #126 |

Acorn Squash Soup with Mushrooms & Leeks // A velvety smooth soup, packed full of flavour, yet simple to make.

Do you ever have soup for a snack? I do it all the time. When I feel like a mug of something nice and warm and I need a little pick me up, I often warm up a mug of soup. I have been thinking a lot about my soup snacking habit and have been wanting to try it with the kids. I mean think about it…it’s packed full of goodness, fun to drink, nice and warm on a chilly day…it’s just about perfect. So, I went for it and you know what? They loved it! And they loved those cute little, almost Valentine’s Day, heart bread crackers too:) Soup snacking, here we come.

I often make soup at the same time that I am cooking dinner. 1) I’m already in the kitchen. 2) While I’m chopping/prepping vegetables for dinner, I can prep some for the soup too. 3) If the oven is already on for dinner, I might as well roast something in there for the soup. 4) Leftovers from dinner, can often be used in the soup. In fact often I plan for this.

And as it turns out for this soup, the oven was on while I was making dinner, so I snuck in an acorn squash (cut in half, seeds removed, cut side down on a baking sheet) and roasted it @400°F for about 40 minutes, until it was very tender.

Then to make the soup I heated 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large, heavy bottomed pot over medium heat. I add 7-8 sliced mushrooms and sprinkled them with 1/2 teaspoon salt, and cooked them, stirring occasionally, until they release their water and the pan began to dry out again, about 10 minutes. Then I added one chopped leek (white parts only, rinsed well), 2 cloves of minced garlic and 1/2 teaspoon of dried thyme and cooked, stirring until the leeks were softened, about 5 minutes.

Once the leeks were softened, I added 4 cups of chicken stock to the pot, along with the scooped out flesh from the roasted acorn squash, stirring and simmering for 10 minutes. I then transferred the soup to a blender (lid vented and covered with a clean dish cloth), and blended the soup, in two batches, until smooth. I returned the soup to the pot, heating it through. Then I added the juice of half a lemon and seasoned it with salt and pepper (I added about 1 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of pepper, but season it to taste). And lunch for the next day was made, by the time dinner was done!

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Happy lunching (and snacking:)


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