1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #7

November 18, 2014  |  1 Lunch + 2 Snacks
1 Lunch + 2 Snacks | LunchingDaily.com

LUNCH – Twice Scrambled Eggs with Broccoli and Cheese
What are twice scrambled eggs? Well, first I scrabble the eggs in the pan the usually way. And then I serve everything in separate bowls so the kids can “scramble” them up again with whatever ingredients they want to mix in. This is a fun way to encourage kids to mix things up a bit, but if they prefer their food separate, like a lot of kids do, then they can eat it that way too. Eggs mixed with broccoli and cheese or eggs on their own with broccoli and cheese mixed together or cheesy eggs with broccoli on the side…you get the idea.

SNACK – Plain Yogurt & Blueberry Parfait with Muesli Topping
Yogurt with blueberries is a staple around here. I keep frozen blueberries in the freezer and yogurt in the fridge at all times, so it’s also a quick and easy go-to snack. The muesli topping came from a recipe in the How to Feed a Family: The Sweet Potato Chronicles Cookbook but I switched it up a bit because I have a few kids who don’t like everything mixed into their yogurt. The topping is essentially toasted oats & almonds and then I added some chopped apricots, dried cranberries, raisins and a bit of cinnamon.

SNACK – Banana “Donuts” with Peanut Butter “Frosting”, Raspberries & Oranges
No these are not donuts. They are a healthier choice banana muffin recipe from The Family Cooks Cookbook, cooked in a Mini Donut Pan. I can’t tell you what a huge hit these mini “donuts” have been. I made a pumpkin version last week too. The “frosting” on the banana “donuts” is just peanut butter spread on top. Bananas and peanut butter – yum!

Happy Tuesday!


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