Debbie Comish from Lunching DailyHi there, I’m Debbie…a few years ago my husband, Troy, and I made the decision to start eating less processed food and start making more homemade meals for our family. We’re not perfect by a long shot and by no means do we make everything from scratch, but the general idea was to decrease the amount of processed foods we were eating, decrease the amount of refined sugar in our diet, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables and to slowly but surely add more variety to our family meals.

Making homemade meals can feel overwhelming, requires some planning ahead and can often require more hands on time to prepare. As a mother to three kids (ages 21, 18 and 13) and a daycare provider to five kids (ages 1-3), like a lot of people these days, life is busy…and I feed a lot of people lunch. I knew if I was going to be successful in preparing home cooked meals for my family and the daycare kids, that something was going to have to change. So, I started planning lunches daily…based on the dinners we were having the night before. It was a game changer!

Home cooking is hands down a healthier choice than buying processed foods at the grocery store and/or getting take out, but it does require more effort. I absolutely think it’s worth it, and I’m guessing you do too, but the trick is finding ways to make it easier and more efficient. So why not harness all that time and effort you put into your dinner preparation and get a (practically) free lunch out of it.

You’ll find simple dinner recipes made with lunch in mind, using common ingredients you can find at the grocery store. Fresh, flavourful lunch recipes made using leftovers from dinner, but not just leftovers served up the same way, again (that’s how leftovers got a bad rap). Leftovers reinvented and served in creative ways, to make lunches you look forward to eating. Lunches you would never know came from leftovers.

There are a lot of time saving strategies to make home cooking easier – meal planning, big batch cooking, freezer meals…and I use all of them, but without a doubt, reinventing leftovers from dinner to make lunch is hands down the easiest, most time efficient way for me to make healthy home cooked lunches…daily.

I’m really glad you’re here and I certainly hope you’ll try my recipes and discover that making dinners with lunch in mind, works for you too. You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter and if you have any questions or comment please feel free to email me at anytime.


P.S. This is how I do lunch. If you are more of a pb&j type or your kids get a cafeteria lunch at school or if your office has a chef on site (lucky you), then these lunches could just as easily be second dinners.