Leftovers for Lunch | Lasagna

September 23, 2014  |  Food + Drink
Leftovers for Lunch - Lasagna |

Having leftovers for lunch is hands down one of the fastest and simplest ways to make lunch and if you are cooking at home quite possibly the healthiest. So, I thought I would show you how last night’s lasagna and Caesar salad becomes today’s lunch. Whether you are eating at the table or on the go this is an amazing way to get lunch made with minimal effort. High fives to that.

Leftovers for Lunch - Lasagna |

If you and your kids are eating lunch at home than simply reheating the leftovers and add some fruit and veggies or a salad (You did wash more romaine than you needed for last night’s dinner, right? So, it’s in the fridge all ready to go, right?).

Lasagna is super easy to cut so, if age appropriate for your kids, hand them a child safe knife and let them practice some life skills. Or, if your kids aren’t quite old enough yet, just cut the lasagna into squares for them.

Leftovers for Lunch - Lasagna |

For school lunches and other lunches on the go, after reheating cut the lasagna into squares and put it in a thermos. It will get a bit jumbled but that’s ok, jumbled lasagna tastes great too.

For the Caesar salad I keep things separate and let the kids dress their own salad at school. I add the Parmesan cheese to the romaine in one container, croutons go in their own container (because soggy croutons do not taste great) and the dressing in yet another container. Kids love mixing things up. It makes lunch fun and lunch should be fun.

Anatomy of a Lunchbox - Lasagna Leftovers |

Shortcut Caesar dressing from the 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook (I love this cookbook), Kid Friendly Lasagna

And there you have it. Lunch doesn’t get easier than that.

So, what are you making for dinner tonight that can be leftovers for lunch tomorrow?


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