Salad Skewers

April 30, 2014  |  Food + Drink
Salad Skewers - Getting Kids to Eat Salad |

I started making salad skewers when I found that a lot of the kids I was making lunch and snacks for, avoided leafy greens. I wanted a fun way to let them get comfortable with the greens, as well as to introduce new ones.

Sometimes a bowl full of the unknown can scare kids off. I remember as a kid wanting to keep all of my food separated. Do you know any kids like that? I meet them all the time and I can relate because I remember feeling the same way.

Salad Skewers |

Separating salad ingredients out, plus putting them on a stick, almost makes them irresistible. Magic happens when you put food on a stick. It’s fun, it’s party food, it’s cute. And here’s the really great part. It also opens up the opportunity to introduce new foods. Hanging out nice and safely beside all those other familiar foods on that fun little stick.

Salad Skewers |

I start by simply introducing iceberg lettuce for the kids who won’t eat any leafy greens – it’s mild tasting and has a nice texture. Mixed in with veggies they like, often familiar things like cucumber, tomatoes and other salad ingredients they enjoy like cheese.

Salad Skewers |

Then I start to add new greens, like maybe a spinach leaf or two, beside the familiar ones. And new vegetables, like maybe zucchini. And the kids are usually willing to try them, but if they aren’t willing at first, I still add them and let them decide if they want to eat them or not. You never know, they just might change their mind and give it a go.

Salad Skewers |

Once the kids start eating more than a skewer or two at a time, I start mixing the ingredients together (salad style) and then lay a salad skewer on top. That way, when they finish the skewer, they can use it eat the mixed salad. And voila a salad eater is born.

Salad Skewers |

Together with a sandwich (open face ham melts here) and some ranch dressing for dipping, they are fun for lunches at home, for school lunches or lunches on the go.

Salad Skewers |

And if you get the kids involved, they will be designing their own salad skewers in no time.


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  1. What is it about putting food on a stick that makes them so much better, especially to kids? Love this and so glad I found your blog!

  2. so colorful and fun to eat! you can definitely sneak in my least favorite veg in there! love! =)

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