School Lunches | Countdown To Summer

June 13, 2014  |  Food + Drink

School Lunches Countdown To Summer |

We are officially counting down the last few weeks of school, and with the promise of summer vacation in the air sometimes making school lunches can get, well old. We’ve been making school lunches since September, and are looking forward to the more carefree lunches that summer brings (although that introduces different challenges, but that’s OK because they’re different:)

School Lunches Countdown To Summer |

Sometimes making lunches fun and interesting again is as simple as using in season ingredients. So, just in case you might be feeling like you are in a final stretch school lunch rut, here are some of the things that my daughter is enjoying in her lunchbox these days.

Turkey sandwich sushi
Bow tie pasta salad with fresh peas
Greek yogurt topped with fruit sauce and All Bran.

The great thing is they can all be packed up the night before. I find making school lunches while preparing or cleaning up at dinner time works well.  I roll up the sandwich sushi then wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator. In the morning it just needs to be sliced up and popped into her lunch container.

The bow tie pasta salad we had as a side for dinner so some extra went into her lunch (why do things twice if you don’t have to?). My daughter usually won’t eat peas, except in the spring when she eats them by the bag full.

Greek yogurt and All Bran are staples in our house so this combo is often a school lunch choice. The fruit sauce I make up using seasonal fruit (or frozen) and have a few days supply in the fridge almost all the time now.

School Lunches Countdown To Summer |

When she gets to school she adds the fruit sauce and the All Bran to her yogurt (or sometimes she just eats them separately). The fruit sauce is a nice way to naturally sweeten the yogurt.

We have two more weeks to go until schools out for summer. Hopefully your countdown is less:)



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