1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #101

September 14, 2015  |  1 Lunch + 2 Snacks
1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #101 |

LUNCH – Tortellini & Veggie Skewers with Basil + Lemon Pesto
Pesto is perfect for getting kids involved in helping out in the kitchen. It makes for a wonderful sensory experience, it’s quick to make and there are lots of tasks that the kids can help out with. Like pinching off the basil leaves, using a reamer to juice the lemon, adding the ingredients to the blender and off course pressing that, oh so fun, blender button.

I like to talk about the ingredients and to encourage the kids to smell and taste them as we work, because it means they become more familiar with them, which tends to make the kids more likely to try the final product and to better be able to anticipate the taste. And this Basil + Lemon Pesto from is delicious! Delicious! So delicious, I actually licked the bowl clean when the kids weren’t watching:)

Because this was our first time trying this recipe, I wanted to serve it as a dip. Because dipping is fun. Because the kids can then choose what and how much to dip. And because dip is just generally less intimidating. Oh and because then I could also serve skewers along side (more fun). I threaded the cold tortellini (great way to use leftovers from dinner) onto the skewer along with some veggies I had on hand and if anyone asked for more I simply let them thread more on the skewer themselves.

SNACK – Purple Smoothie with Toast Dippers & Banana Peelers
This Purple Smoothie is one of our favourite smoothie recipes. I like that it has both a fruit and vegetable. I also think it is a great way to show kids, who have an aversion to greens, that they can be made to taste different by serving them in different ways. I also like that I can swap the spinach out for other greens, like kale.

Here I served the smoothie with some multi-grain toast dippers (some of the kids like to dip their toast in the smoothie) and some banana slices, that I left the peel on, so the kids could peel them themselves.

SNACK – Mini Zucchini Cupcakes & Watermelon Wedges
Dressing up muffins into cupcakes and making them mini instead of full size adds an element of fun and some portion control. These Mini Zucchini Cupcakes from were an immediate hit with the kiddos! I rarely make full size muffins, instead I use a mini muffin pan and in this case I made half of the recipe into mini muffins and the other half into mini donuts (using a mini donut pan). I froze the mini donuts after they cooled completely, that way I have a stash in the freezer for next week or next month and when I pull them out they will be a little different than the first batch. Keeping things interesting, I am:)

What to send this as a School Lunch?
Place the tortellini and veggie skewer in a lunch container along with some extra tortellini and veggies. Put the pesto in a dip container. Pack the smoothie in a thermos (my girls do this all the time), leave out the toast and send half a banana. Send one or two mini cupcakes in a separate lunch container and pack the watermelon either as a wedge or cut into cubes in another container.

Happy Monday!


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