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December 4, 2014  |  1 Lunch + 2 Snacks
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LUNCH – Loaded Baked Potato & Turkey Rolls
I was actually a bit surprised at how much the kids liked the loaded baked potatoes. Often, very often in fact, I serve toppings in small bowls so the kids can add their own, or eat the toppings on the side. Here I loaded them up and they were devoured. I refilled the potato twice for everyone (three times for some).

After baking the potatoes, I cut them in half width-wise and scooped out the potato with a melon baller. If the potato is tippy just slice off a bit of the bottom to make it flat. Then I mashed the potato with a bit of butter and refilled the potato skin, topping it with steamed broccoli and shredded cheese. I allowed for half of a potato per child but cooked extra to mash-up and refill their potato skin if they wanted more. Mashing it just made it easier for the younger kids to eat, as did refilling it.

The turkey rolls were preservative free luncheon meat rolled up and cut in half.

SNACK – Greek Yogurt & Fruit Bowl
A while back we made the switch from store-bought vanilla yogurt (with loads of sugar and additives) to plain yogurt or plain greek yogurt (with very few ingredients and no sugar). I love greek yogurt but one or two of the kids is definitely missing the sweetness of the store-bought variety. So, I still serve them the plain yogurt but I either stir in a touch of honey and vanilla or drizzle a bit of maple syrup on top. For the rest of us, I just serve it plain. The blackberries and raspberries were fresh but the blueberries were frozen. We always have frozen blueberries (along with other fruit) in the freezer. The frozen blueberries are especially fun in yogurt because when the kids stir them up, their yogurt turns purple and/or pink (it’s an ongoing debate).

SNACK – Banana Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies and Pineapple & Pear Skewers
Cookies are considered a treat around here, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try to make them as healthy as possible. These banana chocolate chip breakfast cookies were absolutely a treat for the kids and yet a much healthier choice. I decided to make mini cookies by using a 1 tbsp cookie scoop to measure the cookie dough instead of the 3 tbsp suggested in the recipe. This way each of the kids got 2 cookies:)

The pineapple and pear skewers were just a simple fun way to serve fruit. If the kids want more fruit, I just serve it on the side and they get to make their own skewer – who wouldn’t want more!

Happy Thursday!


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