1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #69

March 5, 2015  |  1 Lunch + 2 Snacks
1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #69 |

LUNCH –  Chicken Salad
I am learning not to prejudge what I think kids will like and not like. Learning. So often we don’t serve things because we think – He’ll never eat that! or She hates zucchini. But I have had many plesent surprises suppressing those thoughts, so now I push them aside. And watch. And learn.

This salad was one of those time. Not sure who, if anyone, would eat much, or anything. But I gave it a try, anyway, because salads are a super way to feed veggies to kids. The more salads they eat, the more veggies they eat, which means more veggies can be introduced.

For this salad I used romaine lettuce and torn up spinach leaves. I added shredded carrots, chopped yellow bell peppers and cucumber. Then I served a honey dijon dressing on the side – to dip or dress. I also gave each child a food pick, to make eating their salad easier.

To make this a more filling lunch salad, I served it with leftover roasted chicken, which I have to admit I was worried everyone would eat instead of the salad, but not so, everyone had seconds or thirds of everything. Learning.

SNACK – Banana Poppers
Fast and fun, banana poppers are simply banana slices topped with peanut butter and whatever else you would like. Here I topped them with cantaloupe, cut into flower shapes using a mini flower cookie cutter. I served them alongside a bowl of blueberries that the kids could top them up with, or eat on the side.

A game I like to play with the kids, when I’m cutting into fruit is – What will it look like inside? We talk about colour, whether it will have seeds or a pit, will it be juicy etc. and then I open it up for the big surprise. Often the kids then compare it to other fruits that have similar characteristics. When I opened up the cantaloupe here, one of the kids said “It’s like the green one” referring to a honeydew.

SNACK – Pears with Cream Cheese & Cranberries and Kiwi Bowls
Pears and cream cheese are a perfect duo. Add some dried cranberries to the mix and you’ve got a combination that’s hard to beat. Juicy pears, creamy cream cheese and tangy cranberries – yum! Add some kiwi bowls and you’ve got a snack that is fun and delicious.

If the kiwi is tippy, just slice a bit off the bottom, so it will stand up. Slicing off the bottom makes scooping easier for beginners too, because the spoon can go right through the kiwi. It takes a bit of practice to scoop out a kiwi, but given the chance, kids figure it out.

Happy Thursday!


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