1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #96

June 15, 2015  |  1 Lunch + 2 Snacks
1 Lunch + 2 Snacks #96 |

LUNCH – Spaghetti with Classic Tomato Sauce & Sausage
I’ve realized recently, that my youngest daughter has develop a taste for spicier tomato sauce. I’m not talking about spicy hot, just more of the spices I normally put in our Classic Tomato Sauce. That’s one of the great things about this recipe, you can very easily switch things up. This time I simply doubled the basil and oregano to make a more flavourful sauce. If you want it spicy hot, add some red pepper flakes. If you like lots of garlic in your sauce? Double the garlic. Add a pound of browned ground beef for a meat sauce or throw in some diced carrots or peppers for added veggies.

Here I served it over whole wheat spaghetti and topped it with pea sprouts and parmesan cheese. I also added some sliced sausage on the side, that was leftover from dinner.

SNACK – Waffle Bites with Maple Syrup
Making a big batch of waffles or pancakes on the weekend and freezing the leftovers is one of my favourite ways to have homemade waffles/pancakes ready for weekday breakfasts and snacks. That’s what I did with these delicious whole wheat Clean Eating Waffles from

And since all the work is already done, I also like to have a little fun with them when I serve them at snack time. After reheating the waffles in the toaster, I cut them into small squares, topped them with half a strawberry and a blueberry and then stuck a food pick down the centre to hold it all together.

The kids love using the food picks to dip and eat their waffle bites. Does it sound like a lot of work making up endless amounts of waffle bites? Well here’s the trick, I only make up two waffle bites per child. If they want more (and they always do) I give them some waffle squares, strawberries and blueberries and let them build their own with the picks they already have – because that’s way more fun for them (and way less work for me:)

SNACK – Apples with Peanut Butter & Popcorn
This super easy snack is one of those snacks that you can have on hand anytime. Apples are a staple in our fruit bowl. Peanut butter is a staple in our fridge. Popcorn a staple in the pantry. So whenever I get stuck for a snack idea or when groceries are low or when I have a large group of hungry kids to feed – I know I can count on this snack. And who knew popcorn tasted so good on apples with peanut butter. I love it when the kids experiment!

Happy Monday!


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