Fruit Skewer Straws

June 17, 2014  |  Food + Drink

Fruit Skewer Straws |

One of the snacks I often make when my kids are asked (or volunteer) to bring in a class snack for parties and celebrations is fruit skewers. On party days at school I usually find that my kids rarely eat their packed lunch, opting for the party food instead. Understandable, who wouldn’t opt for the party food, after all it’s a party, right!

Because of this it’s important to me to send in healthy snacks. That way they can enjoy the party and have a healthy lunch too. Fruit skewers are perfect because not only are they healthy, they are also a whole lot of fun.

When my kids were in their younger years at school, I didn’t want to send the fruit on wooden skewers and instead used straws which were safer and more age appropriate. But the other day when I was dropping fruit in my water, as I often do, it got me thinking…

Fruit Skewer Straws |

Why not use the straw to drink from too. Straw + fruit skewer + infused water = hero status. The kids went crazy over these. Not to mention drank a good bit of water:)

Fruit Skewer Straws |

They are easy enough to make everyday, but are fancy enough to earn themselves party status. The fruit can be left on the straw for as long as you like or it can be gobbled up right away. I just keep a pitcher of lemon water at the ready for refills.

Fruit Skewer Straws |

Experimenting with different fruits and flavors is all part of the fun. Melons (cut into bit sized pieces or with a melon baller) work well, pitted cherries, mangoes, raspberries…well you get the idea. And if you want to have a more grown up drink, fruit skewer straws are great with club soda and cocktails too.

Fruit Skewer Straws |

When I make fruit skewers just for snacks, I cut off the bendy part of the straw, but when I’m using them to infuse water (or some other type of drink) the bendy part is a must.

Fruit Skewer Straws |

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to give these a try though. Just grab a few different types of fruit from the fridge, if they aren’t already bite size cut them up. Skewer 4 to 5 pieces onto a straw finishing with a piece of fruit that won’t slip off (grapes are good for this). Drop the fruit skewer straw into a glass and add water.

The kids are going to love this one (and I’m pretty sure you will too:)



  1. LOVE this idea! so playful and creative! the photos a fantastic as well!

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