MYO Snack | Bananas in Milk

February 23, 2015  |  Food + Drink
MYO Snack - Bananas in Milk |

I like to give the kids plenty of opportunities to do things themselves, to make choices for themselves and to learn new skills. MYO Snack is one of the ways that I do this.

Setting up a MYO Snack is easy. The idea is to set out everything in individual containers, cups, bowls etc, so that the kids can combine the ingredients themselves. Or sometimes they will choose not to combine the ingredients and just eat/drink some things separately.

MYO Snack - Bananas in Milk |

For this MYO Snack I served bananas in milk, actually bananas in strawberry milk (5 frozen or fresh strawberries blended with 1-1/2 cups of milk) with blueberries. I gave each child a banana appropriate for their skill level. Some kids got half a banana, some half a banana with part of the peel removed, some with the entire peel removed and some with the banana already cut up. I put the milk in a small bottle (or plastic cup if they are still at the throwing dishes stage:), the blueberries in a small bowl and provided an age appropriate child safe knife (or no knife if I didn’t feel it was age appropriate) and a larger bowl for mixing everything together.

MYO Snack - Bananas in Milk |

The kids peeled and cut up the banana, or broke the banana into smaller pieces with their hands.

MYO Snack - Bananas in Milk |

And added it to their bowl. Then they added the blueberries and poured in the strawberry milk. A few little tips when it comes to pouring the milk – use a wide bowl (bigger target area) and only put a small amount of milk in the bottle (pouring small amounts is a learned skill, dumping comes first).

MYO Snack - Bananas in Milk |

The goal here is for each child to work at their own skill level and make choices for themselves. They may be so interested in cutting up the banana, that they cut it into tiny pieces. They may get frustrated with the knife and pick the banana up and eat it. They may choose to eat the blueberries separately. They may choose to drink the milk from the bottle instead of adding it to their bowl. All of these choices are OK. In fact these choices are great – it’s part of the point of MYO Snack. Making choices, learning skills.


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