Quesadilla Sandwich

October 13, 2014  |  Food + Drink
Quesadilla Sandwich |

We tried something new last week that all the kids really loved – Quesadilla Sandwiches. Quesadillas are an all time classic for kids – cheese and carbs – go figure. They have always been a big hit over the years with the daycare kids, as well as with my own kids, but there are two things that I have noticed. One, when quesadillas are served there are a few kids, not all, but some who completely ignore the veggies served alongside the quesadillas and instead just gobble up all that cheesy goodness. And two, quesadillas simply aren’t filling enough for kids with larger appetites.

So, in an attempt to increase veggie consumption and to satisfy larger appetites I turned the standard quesadilla into a Quesadilla Sandwich.

Quesadilla Sandwich |

The beauty behind these sandwiches is the combination of hot and cold. Warm melted cheese and fresh crunchy lettuce. The key to making them is to fill the quesadilla itself, with whatever you want warm and build the sandwich with whatever ingredients you want to stay cold. It makes an irresistible combination.

And even though the warm/cold combo is awesome, my kids are happy to take these in their school lunches too. We just pack the quesadillas and the sandwich filling separately and then they can build their own sandwich at school. That way they don’t get soggy.

Quesadilla Sandwich |

And for kids who are more hesitant about mixing food together – you know the ones who peel apart the quesadilla to see what you have stuffed in there. Well this way they can clearly see what’s there. Plus food aversions are often due to texture so if your child likes the crunchy texture of red peppers but doesn’t like the soft texture of cooked ones then simply use peppers as a sandwich filler instead of cooking them right in the quesadilla. And never underestimate the power of fun, the first time I served these there were oohs, aahs and giggles. Kids are great like that:)

Quesadilla Sandwich |

The combinations I made here were a cheese & turkey quesadilla with tomato & lettuce and the second is a cheese quesadilla with avocado & salsa. But the possibilities are endless and that’s part of the fun.

Quesadilla Sandwich |

So, give them a try at home. Switch them up, try different combinations and let me know what favorites you and your kids come up with. I’d love to try them here too.


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