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October 20, 2014  |  Food + Drink
School Lunch Tips - Wheel of Plenty |

That’s what I call it. The Wheel of Plenty. And I love it. It looks like a serving container (possible because it is) but what it really does is makes making lunches easier. And a whole lot more.

After I do my shopping for the week and my fridge is overflowing with all those fresh veggies, I spend some time washing and prepping them. And then I fill up my wheel of plenty. Any extra prepped vegetables go in individual resealable containers in the fridge. Simple enough, right?

School Lunch Tips - Wheel of Plenty |

What really makes the wheel of plenty a powerhouse is that I can pop on/off the lid and slide it in & out of the fridge and in a matter of seconds I have a full assortment of prepped veggies. This is a real time saver when it comes to making school lunches but it also gets my kids eating more veggies. It’s easy and when it comes to making lunches and snacking, easy is usually the first thing kids grab. I pull this out when we are making lunches and my kids pick and choose what they want and in a matter of seconds half of their lunch is packed up.

School Lunch Tips - Wheel of Plenty |

The wheel of plenty is also great for snacks. Like I said before, kids go straight for easy. If I pull this out of the fridge and have it sitting on the island when the kids come home from school (typically a high hunger time), they will plow through 2 or 3 servings of vegetables in the blink of an eye.

Or, if you have picked your kids up and are rushing to get dinner made and they are starving, just plop this on the counter and let them munch away while you get dinner ready. As long as I have been using my wheel of plenty, I am always amazed at how many vegetables kids will eat if they are simply put out, and not just my kids, any kids that are hanging out at our house.

I also love that I can grab a selection of vegetables and chop them up to throw in a quick weeknight salad. It simply makes vegetables available and ready to eat and use. As things get eaten, I simply refresh the wheel of plenty with the already prepped veggies that are in containers in the fridge.

School Lunch Tips - Wheel of Plenty |

I’ll be the first to admit that as practical as my wheel is, it isn’t exactly the most attractive thing. So when it comes to setting the table for dinner, selecting an assortment of vegetable and arranging them on a more attractive plate is nice. Although I have just plopped it down on the table many times too:) One of my daughters doesn’t like cooked vegetables, so we always have a selection of raw ones available on the dinner table. This makes it so much easier.


School Lunch Tips is a series dedicated to making school lunches easier. Lunch doesn’t need to be complicated, just delicious.

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