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April 13, 2015  |  Lunch Ideas
Kid Friendly Ham & Cheese Mini Panini Stackers |

These kid friendly ham & cheese mini panini stackers are a fun way to dress up a ham and cheese panini and, at the same time, add some veggies to the panini without heating them – which often kids don’t like.

To make these – I topped a slice of whole wheat bread with some sliced ham, cheddar cheese and a second slice of whole wheat bread. Then I toasted the sandwich in my panini press, that I had sprayed with olive oil, until it was golden and the cheese was melted. After letting the sandwich cool for a few minutes, I cut off the crusts and then cut the sandwich into quarters, creating four equal squares (not perfectly equal, just sorta equal).

Now comes the fun part – using two panini squares for each stacker and working on a cutting board, I layered one square then some leafy greens (I used a spring salad mix), followed by another panini square, a slice of zucchini and half a grape tomato. Then I took a 4 inch wooden skewer and skewered, from the top down, right through the centre of the tomato, all the way down until I hit the cutting board. Then I served them with a corn wheel that I sliced from a cooked cob of corn.

One of the great things about these stackers, is you can make so many different variations. For the panini you could switch out the ham for turkey or roast beef or go meatless. Switch out the cheddar for Monterey jack or swiss.

And the same is true for the toppings. Use whatever leafy greens are your personal favourite or what you have on hand. Top up the stacker with whatever veggies you like, or how about a pickle or olive?

These stackers are all about making lunch fun, so don’t be afraid to experiment, try new things and get the kids involved.


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